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Access Blocked Websites with Website Proxy

A website proxy provides a rapid and a simple way to alter the IP address that you have currently, this alteration is done while you browsing over the internet.  A usage of website proxy is very handy; the best thing about a website proxy is that they do not require any kind of installations and there is no need for the alterations of the network settings too.

As any of the search engines are used, similarly a website proxy is used. The only difference is that the in a general search you just add a URL to the search engine, but while you use the website proxy, you enter the URL of the site that you want to unblock, in the box of the proxy’s site.


unblock websites


There are sites that work as proxies and these are free, you can easily unblock the sites. These are best used in a place where there ISP‘s are blocked.

The ISPs are usually blocked at schools, colleges, organizations. You are unable to use the sites that are social like Facebook and YouTube if the ISP is blocked. The blocked sites are easily opened with the proxy servers; this means a proxy is a liaison between you and the internet world. The request you send is sent via the proxy and you get the data back through the same proxy URL. This way no one can see that what are you seeing and approach you.

These proxies are a good thing and you can browse through the internet without having this fear that anyone may block you. Your genuine ID is hidden.

All kinds of websites like common, educational, decent and other sites that are blocked in your area, can be unblocked without difficulty. These can be used without any restrictions and it is free to use as well.

You can use this middle agent proxy for the authentic learning reasons. In addition, it is a fast, reliable, genuine and effective way to approach to the sites that are blocked and you can use it without restraints even for a much longer time with limitless access.


unblock websites


Advantages of Using Proxy

A proxy should be used for the following reasons;

•    It is free for the entire life and does not have a cost a single penny.
•    It has a fast server speed and great response rate.
•    It is good for streaming any kind of a video
•    Limitless free access, so it is a far better choice instead of using a VPN.
•    Make you anonymous.
•    No one can see what you are seeing, meaning no one can track your record.

Thus, a website proxy works as a medium, and anything that you open through these proxy sites will give their IP address instead of yours because they work as agents.